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Design. Original music. Invest.

Home Staging and Redesign

Film and Music: The Longest Night (Holocaust)

Equinox. A Body & Soul Boutique.

Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle Design

Original Music Composed and Produced by Stephen Cascio

Invest in The Next Big Thing. Seeking Investors.

Proposed Kenosha 14 Story Lake Perch Tower

HealthView: Stay Well Connected™

Snap-on: Tool Roll Cab Design

Prairie School: Branding Distinction in Private Education

Golf Course Brands with Plenty of Carry

Rebranding USA Track Stuff

Shabby Chic a Personal Brand

Foodbotics: Keeping your World in Motion

Snaps: Rock Your Balm

Whaleback Paddleboards

Snap-on: Logo Still Hits the Mark after 33 Years

Branding: Dream Up with Aeroworks

Insightful Eyewear Branding

Surfis: Where design, resins and brands are born

The Power of Print

Magnetic Soap Holders: “Hold me like I’ve never been held before”

Design a Strategic Logo Brand Identity

Pacific Masters Swimming Makes Huge Splash with New Identity

Colorful Event Marketing

Film: Sculptures Shape Waterfront Neighborhood

Tooth Rating Symbol on Food Packaging?

Procedural Illustrations for Breast Cancer Patients. Simplified.

Branding a Healthcare Event

Touchscreen design guides medication dispensing

PIAZZA: A Proposed Kenosha Downtown Lifestyle Development


Studio Of Life is an inquisitive place where ideas are talked about, evolve, shaped and launched. They become brands that naturally connect your product and audience on a multitude of levels.

Stephen Cascio is also an entrepreneur who knows the importance of building a brand that will add value and grab more market share. He also has some unique ideas that have turned into opportunity for partners and investors. Click on a Big Deal.

User Manuals Made Easy

21st February 2012 By Stephen Cascio

If a consumer were to read your instructions first before purchasing, would they still buy your product? Very few product companies pay close attention to the User Manual and the effects it can have on the brand experience.

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Company catalogs. How are they evolving?

10th December 2014 By Stephen Cascio

Print and online catalogs basically do the same job but engage the user differently. Both need to look and feel like they are from the same company. So, how can the two merge better into a single brand experience?


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Here’s Why Analog Timekeeping beats Digital Hands Down

28th September 2012 By Stephen Cascio

Over 45 years ago back in the late ’60s, the digital flip clock was born. It was cool, novel and fun to watch it flip. Since then we’ve adapted digital readouts on watches to computers to smart phones—pushing the analog clock out to the curb. But could digital clocks be affecting our daily performance big-time? Read more…