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In Slice of Life

By Stephen Cascio

Mother Natures Heart-Art Pothole

On 01, Jan 2012 | In Slice of Life | By Stephen Cascio

Have you ever stumbled across love? I did. Here’s an amazing natural heart-shaped pothole I filled with yarn, creating fun unique art. Perhaps it’s Mother Nature’s very own Valentine’s greeting in the middle of our Wisconsin winter.

Pothole art. A collaboration with nature.

Pothole art is a fairly new environmental abstract medium. I find it quite fascinating as it makes both the artist and people think of all the natural forms around them and how we can live in our non-perfect world—seeing and learning the beauty in everything. And imagine—more pothole art means less personal injuries will occur with their bright whimsical beauty showing you where NOT to walk and just admire.

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Turn your neighborhood walkways into art

Walkways, driveways and patios—artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera (see her work below) has had the creative idea to turn unwelcome side effects of ‘nature at play’ into something more pleasing by filling the gaps with vivid colorful strands of yarn. Juliana’s current inspiration is filling potholes in Paris. Though her work is only temporary art, it engages some Parisian’s to slow down, admire, take another glance and smile.

Pothole art is not for roadways and please respect private property.










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