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Cascio partners as DP/Creative Director with low-aerial company FD Productions

Stephen Cascio and founder, Shaun Khan of FD Productions have partnered in offering extraordinary low-aerial filmmaking to the creative industry and creative leaders in organizations. Low-aerial photography adds an amazing dimension to a story that was physically impossible and or too costly just a hand-full of years ago. Stephen’s photo-artistic eye for storytelling has brought FD Productions an added crew dimension for clients who need a DP/Creative Director as part of the creative process.


Filming and storytelling at a whole new level

Based out of Los Angeles, California,  FD Productions (FD) specializes in the composition of safe, low-altitude aerial and steadycam filming services for film, national broadcast television, luxury real estate, and commercial use throughout the United States. They offer the entire gambit of production services from raw footage to fully editted productions.

FD has worked on several motion pictures, television shows, high-end luxury residential marketing campaigns nationally and internationally. They employ real F.A.A. pilots for the safe reliable operation of drone aircrafts, hollywood trained cameramen, and the industries best gimbal operators for ground shots.

While filming, FD offers several viewing monitors for a purely dynamic process, offering clients to alter flight paths or shooting multiple vantage points.


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