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Branding a Healthcare EventBranding a Healthcare EventBranding a Healthcare Event

On 07, Dec 2011 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Branding a Healthcare Event

When quality of life becomes the focus, there’s a certain design and human sensitivity when promoting and communicating a major healthcare event.

First Annual Chicago Breast Symposium Draws 400 International Breast Care Professionals

From the logo identity to ads to the program design and speaker format, wayfinding system and video—there’s a fine health care design balance when attracting sponsors, speakers and attendees.


“Developing a distinctive color palette sets the tone throughout the event program around hope and inspiration. ” -Stephen Cascio

Speaker Illinois Congressman Robert J. Dold

Connecting Patient, Community and Health Care Professionals

“The field is constantly changing with new and better methods of patient care being introduced all the time,” said Loren S. Schechter, MD, FACS, Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Chicago Medical School, founding member of Chicago Plastic Surgery Research Foundation and University Plastic Surgery, SC, and co-creator of the Chicago Breast Symposium. “By bringing so many different specialists together for a common purpose, to share their knowledge of procedures and approaches in their infancy or on the horizon, we are helping to educate a broad cross-section of the health care community on the front lines of breast care and patient advocacy.”


Importance a proper wayfinding system

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