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Colorful Event Marketing

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Colorful Event Marketing

An eye-full of color, precision speeds and fun is what transformed this International Cycling Classic event into a playful abstract graphic for posters, t-shirts and programs.

Kenosha’s Food, Folks & Spokes

Planning and designing to a one-day event is like the anticipation of playing at your own concert. Everything you do will be on-stage in front of people who paid good money, like to be entertained and are looking for a unique memorable experience. Sounds like you? Visually it should be stimulating, attract, be informative and may even guide you through an event with way-finding, banners, digital displays, schedules and top-it-off with some fun event apparel.


“When I design for an event, I pre-live it from beginning to end. ” -Stephen Cascio

Super Week Pro Tour

Also known as the International Cycling Classic, for 17 days, cyclist from as far away as Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Denver and California, travel to Kenosha and southeastern Wisconsin to participate in Kenosha’a biggest draw of the summer called Food Folks & Spokes.

The critertium event circles around Kenosha’s famous historic Library Park, attracting over 15,000 people to cheer on the riders.