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Touchscreen design guides medication dispensingTouchscreen design guides medication dispensingTouchscreen design guides medication dispensingTouchscreen design guides medication dispensing

On 07, Dec 2011 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Touchscreen design guides medication dispensing

Asteres, Inc., is the first company in the industry dispensing prescription medications for pharmacy, hospitals and military locations. Stephen Cascio helped guide the touchscreen process for their customers.

Complexity broken down into simplicity

Challenge: In less than 1 minute, visually walk a consumer through 5 task-decision sections became the main criteria in designing the right cognitive touchscreen solution. The touchscreen process is designed to confirm, collect, process and authenticate information in a user friendly way resulting to secure prescription dispensing for consumers. “When designing the process, we needed to stay in compliance with HIPPA, laws and privacy concerns.” replied Stephen Cascio

Self Service. 70% of people want it.

Interacting with a touchscreen is now very common in our daily lives with touch phones, gaming, tablets, kiosk and ATM’s. Concise wording of text labels, user error messages, and one-line help messages need to be carefully assigned and displayed using identifiable colors and shapes. Textual feedback is critical and usually handled by experienced technical writers.

A Technology Leader

Asteres Inc., founded in 2003, is a prescription and pharmacy automation technology group. They were the first company to commercialize a system to store and deliver finished prescriptions to consumers in retail pharmacy. Asteres, a provider of 24/7 automated pharmacy kiosks, announced that Guthrie Health is the first hospital pharmacy to offer over-the-counter products in addition to prescriptions via the ScriptCenter kiosk.

“86% of North American consumers are more likely to do business with companies offering some sort of self-service and 66% say self-service creates a more positive perception of the retailer.” NCR Corporation

Stephen Cascio also assisted Asteres Inc., with:

-Kiosk graphics

-Trade show display and graphics

-Promotional literature


“The touchscreen was an important cognitive component to the Asteres brand experience. ” -Stephen Cascio