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On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Film: Sculptures Shape Waterfront Neighborhood

Film can be an amazing cognitive medium. By adding the undercurrent of music and sounds with the motion of life along with the beauty of artistic sculptures among a community—you have something very special to share and talk about.

Get to know art, the artist and how art can form a unique community culture.

Pedestaled on the shores of Kenosha, Wisconsin between Chicago and Milwaukee sits the 2011-2013 Sculpture Walk exhibition on the waterfront neighborhood of HarborPark. 12 sculptures adorn the lakefront crafted by local and national artist.
 Out of the total collection, 3 of the sculptures are permanent. The remaining sculptures will be showcase for 2 years and will be replaced by new sculptures, sponsored by organizations and individuals.

HarborPark SculptureWalk is managed by the Arts Fund of the Kenosha Community Foundation.


“My involvement with the Arts Fund of Kenosha has inspired me to help give art a voice—whether its through conversation, printed literature, design or film.” -Stephen Cascio

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Film production notes

Music: Timeless and masterfully composed, the music by Thomas J. Bergerson embraces and compliments the films imagery with sound sensory and emotion. The song is called: Just another happy ending.

Photography: The footage was shot on multiple days from times of early morning or late evening. These particular times of the day allow for longer shadows and unique sun effects through the lens. The film camera used was the Canon EOS 60D (High definition) from normal to 135mm lenses. All the people seen in the footage where actual people within their day.

Editing: Final Cut Pro by Apple, Inc.

Tips: At each location, spend time thinking about how to capture an angle that creates movement, good composition and most importantly, be constantly aware of what may be around you and entering or leaving the frame.  If you have the convenience of time, be patient when filming. One can never recreate something that is very natural.