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HealthView: Stay Well Connected™HealthView: Stay Well Connected™HealthView: Stay Well Connected™HealthView: Stay Well Connected™HealthView: Stay Well Connected™HealthView: Stay Well Connected™

On 10, Mar 2015 | In | By Stephen Cascio

HealthView: Stay Well Connected™

Your Health • Doctors • Food • Fitness • Insurance

Today, getting sick could easily activate over 15 areas of the healthcare system. Treatment regimens, finances, doctors, facilities, diet, records, medications, and insurance claims could all be affected. Here’s how HealthView keeps you well connected—designed and proposed by Stephen Cascio.

My attraction in simplifying complex processes has prompted me to envision how our U.S. healthcare system could be rethought and redesigned, replied Stephen Cascio

Simplify life

Our unique challenge is to consolidate, manage and synchronize all the different types of medical and lifestyle information into an intuitive interface that effortlessly allows you to access, review, manage, and discover better overall healthcare decisions under one single resource. That’s HealthView.

Breaking it down

To start understanding the complexity of how everything should be connected, a flow diagram illustrates areas that make up our healthcare system and how our life could affect each one. Click on diagram.


Patient driven design

The single most important area of the healthcare system is the patient. With personal security and HIPAA privacy in place, the patient will have guided control and complete access across multiple areas—where information can be uploaded and posted, allowing real-time access to authorized individuals and approved organizations.


Authorized information viewed anywhere

With HealthView, the look and feel of the information remains consistent on any device, allowing the doctor-patient interaction experience to be at a higher quality, building trust and confidence.

As we become comfortable and knowledgeable with HealthView, it reduces any intimidation factor allowing the patient to become more forth-coming whether having a one-on-one with a gynecologist, optometrist, psychologist, pharmacist, insurance group or even a personal trainer.


Insightful HealthView screen example

HealthView is designed and developed with data visualization, which will engage the viewer and communicates information clearly and effectively through graphical means.


Your personal HealthView is designed to include:

1) Family History
2) Pregnancy
3) Surgeries & Procedures
4) Mammogram History
5) X-rays & Scans
6) Mental and Emotional Documentation
7) Sleep Patterns
8) Nutrition & Diet
9) Medications
10) Allergies
11) DNA records
12) Smoking or Non Smoking
13) At the gym, exercise and activities
14) View real-time graph charting
15) View 3D medical animation
16) View educational videos
17) Image recognition for early detection of skin cancers
18) Family member health overview
19) Based on your real-time profile, helps decides what level of sports are physically and mentally good for you
20) Audio and video for documentation & future reviews
21) Track vital signs history and progress
22) Based on diagnosis, suggests specialized high-rated professionals within your area
23) Smartly suggest options for treatments
24) Goals and rewards
25) In case of death, includes personal will documentation
26) Insurance companies now have a real-time personal profile adjusting your plan and finances
27) View activities in timelines
28) Pre-evaluates cognitively with visual and audio programs
29) Post personal photos for medical documentation and review
30) Health ads are displayed to help support funding
31) Consolidates medical bills and “Submit” for payment programs
32) Healthcare professionals can upload learning videos and care information
33) Persons may upload daily stress issues, unusual symptoms, exercise and nutrition activity for professional health review

Smart integration

HealthView is designed to add approved and certified Apps, searching and automatically uploading pertinent information like blood pressure, gym workout and diet programs, financial data, calendar dates and more.

HealthView is for everyone and it’s free

Don’t own a computer? HealthView is designed so you can have complete private access to your HealthView at any medical facility or local government facility such as libraries and institutions. HealthView can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection.


The bigger benefits of HealthView?

• Streamlines and lowers healthcare cost at a federal, state and personal level
• Consolidates and manages your entire healthcare and medical finances into one source
• Make better decisions
• Reduces insurance rates and claims
• It’s free and you don’t need to own a computer
• Reduces fraud
• Increases individual responsibility

Let’s partner and further HealthView’s future

“I’m interested in teaming with companies, investors, and creatives who focus on social behavior, data visualization, private and public institutions and organizations that are poised to deliver HealthView. Let’s begin a collaborative conversation—today.” Stephen Cascio

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