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Pacific Masters Swimming Makes Huge Splash with New Identity

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Pacific Masters Swimming Makes Huge Splash with New Identity

Pacific Masters Swimming, United States Masters Swimming’s largest regional swimming organization is thrilled to announce the launch of a new logo identity.

Attract new members, build relationships.

The new logo identity is designed to serve as a distinctive reminder of the caliber of coaches, administrators, and volunteers that have helped shape over 110 clubs and over 10,000 members around healthy lifestyle through swimming in Northern California and northwestern Nevada. The new logo identity also revitalizes Pacific Masters Swimming’s commitment to grow new regional clubs and adult members of all ages.


“Our new logo brings a fresh look to the expansive value we offer while connecting across our clubs and members.” -Michael W. Moore, Chairman of Pacific Masters Swimming

The design of the new brand image diverges not from any one particular type of swimming but rather focuses on the subtle references of its water region, the Pacific warm sunset and the stylized letter P. The word Pacific also is visually emphasized to quickly link the name to the stylized logo P and draw attention to the western coastal region.

Throughout the 2011 Pacific Masters Swimming season, the new brand identity will be fully integrated into marketing and communication materials such as website, newsletters, banners, merchandise, print materials, advertising, promotions and social media in all its form.