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Whaleback PaddleboardsWhaleback PaddleboardsWhaleback PaddleboardsWhaleback Paddleboards

On 21, Feb 2015 | In | By Stephen Cascio

Whaleback Paddleboards

Strategy : Naming : Wordmark : Logo : Branding : Board Design

WHALEBACK Paddleboards. A fun adventurous-whimsical name that captures the imagination of paddling on-top of a whales back. WHALEBACK is a unique brand of paddleboard with it’s own TUFFSKIN process and cool graphics—all developed to be manufactured in the U.S.A.


Nature of the Brand
The playful whale-with-wings WHALEBACK logo represents the spirit of the moment, freedom and adventure—while the overly-proportion relationship between whale and humans evoke trust, power and domination for the brand.


Above: Graphic series designed with transparent traction deck pads

Board Graphics : Product Features : Marketing
The outdoor consumer of today is smarter and more gear consciousness than ever. The look and feel of a paddleboard could play an major factor in their purchasing process. Like other outdoor-active brands like Burton, Nike and K2, style and personality will attract a larger part of your marketshare.

The unique production process that strengthens the body of the WHALEBACK Paddleboard was given the name TUFFSKIN—adding a significant value-feature to overall WHALEBACK brand.